Amagoi Volume 2 Chapter 9 – 11

Maybe this is our last release of Amagoi. We have no active translator at the moment, so all of our projects are stalled.
But, don’t worry. Another group named Renzokusei Scans have picked Amagoi too. So, you still can continue to read the series.

Here’s the chapters… 09 | 10 | 11

And then, we’ll be on hiatus again until we get translator for the projects.

Amagoi Volume 2 Chapter 8

Chapter 8

And, there’s a mistranslation on chapter prologue page 04-05.  So, here’s the patch. Sorry about that. :p

Enjoy the chapter.

Amagoi Volume 2 Chapter 7

Chapter 7 as I promised.  tutturuu... Thanks to Teika & Kobato (the author), Limelight (translator), Aven (proofreader),  mr_ark (cleaner & typesetter), and somebody who share the raw.

Well, actually we need someone to help us translate the series. We’ll be glad if you can help us.

Amagoi Volume 2 Prologue

Crystal cage is broken?
They are looking for the pieces,
and He began to walk…

AMAGOI * 02 * -Rin-u-

Let’s start volume 2 with a prologue

It’s been a long time since the release of chapter 6. :p Sorry for the wait. We’ll release chapter 7 tomorrow.

::  edit ::

There’s a mistranslation on page 4-5, so here’s the patch. Sorrt about that. :p

Rival 17 (with MangaCurse)

Let’s start Volume V :D

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Rival 16 (with MangaCurse)

Last chapter of volume 4. See you again in volume 5… :D

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Rival 15 (with MangaCurse)

geso~ geso~ geso~

Rival chapter 15, de geso~

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hmm…. you can see the little Heisuke in this chapter :D


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